It’s always a happy day when the right instrument finds its way into the right hands. Whether we’re talking $300 or $3,000, a new (or new to you) guitar is an investment. We work to help you get the best value possible as you step up to your next instrument.

When you’re looking at that next guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, uke, or amplifier, we would like to be your preferred retailer, and when you do it, we want to help you get the best that you can within your budget. To that end, it’s worth thinking about if you’re wanting to trade or sell other instruments or gear to help make your next purchase easier.

At Guitar Tex we consider trades, occasionally purchase instruments out-right, and do consignments. While you are always going to get the most money for an instrument when you sell directly to a buyer, that doesn’t always happen on the timeline that you might like. So if you’re thinking about it, then here are some things to think about:

Consignments: While not providing instant gratification, consignment allows you to use our marketing and presentation to your advantage. Consignment items display in the store, are most often listed in our Reverb store, and are promoted in our other marketing channels. When you agree to consign an item, we agree on a price at which the instrument will be listed and account for any repairs necessary to prepare the instrument for sale. If reasonable offers are received, then we present them to you. You receive 75 percent of the proceeds once the instrument is sold.

Direct Purchases: There are some instruments we will purchase out-right. It depends on the instrument, on the market we have for the instrument, and if the store has a need for the instrument you are attempting to sell. As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate that most retailers considering a purchase of an instrument for resale are going to offer something in the vicinity of 50 percent of what is anticipated to be the potential retail value.

Trades: When we have something you want to get and you have something we think we can sell, then we have the potential of working out a trade. The value of the trade will be applied against the cost of what you intend to purchase. As with direct purchases, the trade-in value will be based on the condition of the instrument, what we see as our ability to move it, and what the market for the instrument might be.

Layaway: When you don’t want to let the guitar get away but you need a little time to get the funds assembled the layaway option can be an effective way to get what you want. You put down 25 percent, and then pay 25 percent per month for the next three months; at the end of the term you own the instrument. No interest, just a simple way to make the purchase easier.

So as you’re looking for just one more guitar, check in with us. We always aim to earn your business.