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IThere will always be someone on hand to discuss your needs. Reach out for a consultation if you have specific questions.

Bench Rate Services or repairs which do not have a fixed rate will be billed at the bench rate of $78 per hour ($1.30 per minute) with a minimum charge of $25.

Fixed Rates

Most common services and repairs have a fixed rate listed in the sections below. Some repairs or services can present unexpected complications and may require additional labor charges in excess of the rates noted here. In such cases you will be contacted with a revised estimate.

All prices are subject to change.

fixed rate repairs



Steel String Guitar or Bass $25
12-String Guitar $40
Locking-Tremolo Guitar $50
Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo $30
Ukulele $20


Guitar or Bass (Electric or Acoustic) $75 and up
Locking tremolo bridge add $25
Floyd Rose $100 and up
Resonator Guitar $95 and up
Lap Steel Guitar $55 and up
Mandolin $75 and up
Ukulele $55 and up
Banjo $80
Tune Banjo head add $30

 Setups include:
·       Restring
·       Clean*
·       Oil and polish frets & fingerboard* **
·       Tighten and lube*
·       Set intonation
·       Verify electronics and set balance*
·       Verify and adjust saddle radius*
·       Verify and adjust nut slots*
·       Set tremolo (if present) *
·       Test

* “As Necessary.”
** Satin is standard for fret polish.


Fret leveling and refret work require a setup; refrets include leveling of the fingerboard.

All prices are for non-cosmetic repairs. Cosmetic repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the technician for an estimate.

Fret edge dress $50 Minimum / Starting
Full fret level $150
Full refret – unbound neck $380 + Setup
Full refret – bound neck $440 + Setup
Partial fret level $10 per fret + Setup
Partial refret – unbound neck $15 per fret + Setup
Partial refret – bound neck $20 per fret + Setup

Nut Replacement

A setup is required to ensure proper fit and performance and is in addition to the nut replacement cost. Prices do not include finish touch-up.

Lacquered-over nuts will be replaced as carefully as possible to leave a clean result.

Cosmetic repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the technician for an estimate.

Plastic Bone
6-String guitar $40 + setup $70 + setup
4-String bass $35 + setup $70 + setup
12-String guitar $55 + setup $130 + setup
Mandolin $50 + setup $110 + setup
Banjo or ukulele $35 + setup $70 + setup
Banjo Pip $50 + setup
Additional String Add $15

$90 + setup   120 + setup $35 + setup $90 + setup  $35 + setup N/A Additional string Add $15

Bridge & Saddle Replacement


Acoustic Instruments

A setup is required for saddle replacement.
Premade saddles must be hand fit and adjusted to perform properly, custom saddles are hand-made from a blank.

Acoustic Guitar premade saddle $20 + Setup
Acoustic Guitar Custom made saddle with compensation $60 + Setup
Ukulele premade Saddle $20 + Setup
Ukulele Custom made Saddle $30 + Setup
Banjo Bridge $65 + Setup
Mandolin, sanded to match top contour $65 + Setup*

*For acoustic guitar bridge replacement, see Structural Repairs

Electronic Repairs and Replacement

Electronic repairs are subject to the minimum charge of $50, and otherwise billed at the bench rate of $78 per hour. ($1.30 per minute).

  • Electronic repairs minimum charge $25.00 and up
  • Shield control cavity $65.00

Electronic Component Replacement

All electronic component replacements are subject to the base price of $50 plus the charge for the specific component. The base price is one-time-only; if multiple components are being replaced, the base price is only charged once. Archtop guitars without easy access to the control cavity must have the entire control harness removed through the f-hole, these situations are subject to an extra charge of $35.

Base Price $50
Archtop guitar without electronics access Add $35
Requires new mounting hole in plastic pickguard Add $25
Requires new mounting hole in solid body Add $15

Pickup Installation

Electric Guitar & Bass

Prices are for direct replacement pickups and do not include routing or modification of the body.

One pickup $50
Two pickups $100
Three pickups $125
Archtop guitar without electronics access panel Add $35
4-conductor pickup with switching (mini-switch or push/pull pot) Add $15
Active Pickups (EMG, Fishman, Bartolini) Add $10/pickup

Acoustic Instruments

Installing an undersaddle pickup will raise the action of the instrument slightly; prices include lowering the saddle to compensate for this unless otherwise requested.

Install new undersaddle or contact pickup with endpin jack $70
Install new soundhole pickup with endpin jack $60
Install floating bridge pickup for mandolin or archtop guitar* $90
*Fit bridge Add $40
Install banjo pickup with flange-mounted output jack $65


Prices are for pre-made pickguards not requiring modification or drilling. Custom pickguards may be available, ask the technician for a quote.

Install Stratocaster style pickguard $50
Install floating pickguard (Les Paul, archtop, mandolin etc,) $10
Requires drilling of new mounting screw holes $10
Install new self-stick acoustic pickguard or tap plates $20


Single tuner replacement

Includes replacement of single string (string not included). Prices are for direct replacement and do not include reaming or shimming. Single tuner recplacement is subject to availability.

Geared tuner replacement $10
Friction tuner replacement $15
Banjo 5th string tuner $25

Doweling does not include finish repair; cosmetic-repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask the technician for an estimate. Restringing or setup is required for replacement. Strings can be re-used if possible and desired, but the price for a restring will still be added.

Classical guitar $25 + restring or setup
Guitar or bass (Steel string) $40+ restring or setup
12-String guitar (Steel string) $50+ restring or setup
Friction tuners (banjo or ukulele) $45+ restring or setup
Additional Service if Required Add $20
– Requires reaming
– Requires doweling of old set-screw holes
– Requires drilling of new set-screw holes
– Requires new guide pin hole (Sperzel or Schaller style)

Misc Installs & Services

Install new strap button or strap lock $10 plus cost of button
Dowel and re-drill loose strap button $15 each
Install new banjo head (includes setup) $200
Install banjo “railroad spike” capo $15 each
Block tremolo bridge (front only) $40; trem stop: add $12
Install Bigsby Tremolo (Les Paul, Archtop or Thinline) $40 + Restring or Setup

Structural Repairs

All structural repairs are billed at the bench rate of $78 per hour ($1.30 per minute). The minimum approvals listed represent the typical cost of a non-cosmetic repair in a best-case scenario repair. These prices are not a firm quote and may be revised by the technician, the customer will be contacted if the cost will exceed the minimum approval.

Broken Headstock


$120 + Setup Starting

Brace Repair Minor: Loose or cracked brace $60 Starting
Major: Fully detached or loose in multiple areas $100 Starting
Crack Repair Minor: Closed crack, easy alignment $60 Starting
Major: Open crack requiring humidity or splint $150 Starting
Bridge Repair Lifting bridge removal and reglue $150 + setup
Lifting bridge removal and reglue with undersaddle pickup $175 + Setup
Neck Reset (Traditional) Bolt on heel with glued fingerboard extension $360 + setup
Dovetail $540 + setup
Binding Repairs Replacing Sections $50 per waist section
Regluing Loose Binding About $10 per inch

Written Appraisals

If you need an appraisal, bring your instrument in.

However, if you want guidance on what to ask for a guitar you want to sell, please plan to come and use our referral books free of charge. 

Please don’t call to ask
what your guitar is worth.

The acoustic market is hugely diverse, covering many tastes and styles,
but the standards for the a fine instrument are the same regardless
of what style of music you play.

Guitar Tex offers a great selection at great prices.



A properly maintained guitar–really any fine wood stringed instrument–should last for generations.

Many problems and much heartache can be avoided with some simple precautions.



You’re not taking proper care of your instrument if you don’t keep it adequately humidified. It may sound strange but if you take the time to read the “care and feeding” pamphlet included with most new guitars (yes, even solid body electric guitars), you’ll note that it is strongly advised that you maintain a humidity level where your guitar is stored (the case?) at between 45%-55% humidity. 

  • Thanks to the prolonged drought in Texas, low humidity, cold weather and indoor heat, we’re seeing more guitars with humidity related cracks, fret ends poking out from dried out fingerboards, and other humidity related problems than ever before.
  • These problems can easily be avoided by keeping your guitar in the case with a case humidifier.
  • Humidifiers are inexpensive and very effective; you can even make your own with very little effort. I learned at the Martin Guitar Repair Seminar that they will not consider center seam cracks a warranty repair unless the guitar was humidified.


KEep it clean

Seems obvious enough like washing your car, but we see lots of folks with nice instruments who never take the time to periodically clean off the sweat, spittle, and effluvia from their guitar.

  • If it’s an electric guitar, take special care around the pickups and hardware to prevent gunk buildup.
  • Occasionally the fingerboard should be oiled and cleaned.
  • Clean the sweat stains on the top of the guitar where your arm crosses the instrument. It gets especially bad looking with dark-colored and sunburst instruments.
  • A bottle of guitar polish is an inexpensive investment and will go a long way in maintaining the finish and luster of your guitar.
  • If you’re thinking of selling your guitar, clean it first in order to expect top dollar. 

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