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We were introduced to Grez Guitars quite by chance when we got an RC-5 model archtop in trade. We were so taken by the quality and design that we looked deeper into what founder Barry Grzebik was doing and we liked what we saw. In the next few weeks we will have 2 guitars to show with more arriving in the coming months. The Mendocino and Folsom are production models. Others on the Grez website are custom builds and can take up to 16 months.

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Grez Folsom

The Grez Folsom is made from reclaimed ancient redwood. Lollar Firebird pickup in the neck position and Lindy Fralin Tele pickup at the bridge and 25″scale. Made in Petaluma, California. Comes with Reunion Blues case. Price: $3,100

Grez Mendocino Blacktop (Sold)

For those of us in the shop, the Grez Mendocino is an endless delight. This 2023 example is a blacktop version. Made with a one piece mahogany body and topped with solid reclaimed ancient redwood, the black gloss finish and cream binding give this one a particularly striking and elegant look. Lollar gold foil pickups complete the package to create one of the the most distinctive guitar around. 5 lbs, 25″ scale. Made in Petaluma, California. Comes with Reunion Blues case. Price: $3,300

Grez Mendocino (Sold!)

Another astoundingly light Grez Mendocino, this 2023 example is made with a one piece mahogany body and topped with solid reclaimed ancient redwood. Lollar gold foil pickups complete the package to create the most distinctive guitar. 5 lbs, 25″ scale. Made in Petaluma, California. Price: $3,200

Grez Mendocino DCF (Sold!)

Like the original Grez Mendocino, this new Mendocino DCF is astoundingly light and features features a one piece mahogany body and solid reclaimed redwood top. Changing things up, however, this is one of Barry’s new double-cutaway models (the DC in DCF) and includes a single f-hole (the F in DCF). A pair of Righteous Sound RAF humbucker pickups make this a mighty tone machine that is sure to please whenever you pick it up. Weighing in at 6 lbs,  and with a 25″scale, it’s made in Petaluma, California. About 3/4 of an inch larger than the standard Mendocino, it measures 14 inches at the widest point. Includes Reunion Blues guitar case. Price: $3,200

Grez Mendocino Jr. (Sold)

Made in Petaluma, California from reclaimed ancient redwood and with mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard, this Mendocino Jr. features a Wolfetone Meaner P-90 in the bridge position. Less than six pounds and finished with a custom TV yellow nitro-cellulose finish, this is a mighty tone machine that is light enough you can play all night long.

Grez Folsom (Sold)

Grez Guitars Folsom “Smugglers Bridge” has sold. This superb guitar is made from redwood that lived as a tree for at least 1,000 years. Then it was used for a bridge for over 100 years in Northern California’s Humboldt County where it became known as the Smugglers Bridge for all the then illegal marijuana traveled by rail to points south. That may amount to naught for some except that the results are wonderful. The body shape owes inspiration from Paul Bigsby, the pioneer of the solid body guitar. Pickups are Lollar P-90s. The Smugglers Bridge is a limited run and this is among the last.
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