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Now more than a quarter century in operation, Vintage celebrated its 25 anniversary in 2020. The company is based in Garforth, Leeds, England, and has created a line of high-quality, value-priced instruments that feature superior design and construction at a cost far less than other manufacturers.

Guitar Tex carries both their electric and acoustic guitars and basses.

Vintage Electric Guitars

A sample of the Vintage electric guitars we have on hand as well as an electric bass. 

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Fine acoustic guitars, fretted instruments, and repairs.

Guitar Tex will help you find the perfect guitar, and can repair the guitar you love. We want to get to know you and will spend the time to help you select the instrument that will make you happy.

Guitar Tex
4330 McCullough
San Antonio, TX 78212

We are easy to reach from both the San Antonio International Airport and from Downtown.

From Downtown
We are at 4330 McCullough, and McCullough goes all the way downtown. In the old days, it was one of the few routes out of down town that didn’t cross railroad tracks. (A big deal when you have a wagon – I’ve heard. Never experienced it.) The maps and driving directions will help alot. Easy to know when you’re getting close because we’re just past the traffic circle/fountain.