Always in stock are a complete line of strings, accessories, and instructional materials.  Everything you need in order to learn to play and,  maintain your acoustic instrument in optimal condition.                                                   

MARTIN LIFESPAN STRINGS. Treated for extra long life. This method repels dirt and grime yet it’s so thin you don’t know it’s there. martin lifespan

CURT MANGAN STRINGS. We’ve been on board with Curt Mangan pretty much since he started in 2004. Being a small store committed to quality merchandise, we don’t try to stock every brand of string, but instead choose to only carry those which we know to be of exceptional quality. Curt Mangan Strings of Cortez, Colorado are among the best strings made anywhere at any price. Mangan Strings Layout

 Our house strings (acoustic only, so far) are Curt Mangan phosphor bronze, custom gauged for us and labelled “Olmos Lights” which is basically a bluegrass light top/med bottom .012-.056 set; “Marfa Lights” light gauge set at .012-.054; and “Texas Mediums” at .013-.056. Players love these strings and come back again and again for Curt Mangan Strings. We also carry Curt Mangan  strings for classical guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, bajo, and electric guitar, including pure nickel strings for a classic vintage tone. CURT MANGAN does not sell through big box stores, but only through small, independent dealers. 

LAVA CABLES are the best guitar cables on the planet! Made entirely in the USA. The mid-priced Blue Demon cables will give you a strong, clear signal for everyday use. The ULTRAMAFIC cables are the pinnacle of a high quality, durable hand made cable. The LAVA RETRO COIL cable is the finest coil cable ever made. We’re the only store in South Texas carrying these premium American made cables. If you have the best guitar you could find, doesn’t it deserve the best cable you can find? Don’t you?  

C.B.I. cables are another USA made cable that we are very pleased to carry. What we have now is American made with Neutrik conncetors, priced at from $11.00-$18.00

STRAPS. We have the coolest & best selection of fretted instrument straps in South Texas. Hand made straps by Souldier Straps & Couch Guitar straps, as well as more familiar names like Levy’s & Planet Waves. New straps from NeoTech for mandolin, banjo, classical guitar & others offer attractive & practical choices for players. More Info


SLIDES!!!! We keep on hand slides for bottleneck as well as Dobro & steel guitar. 

FLATWOUND STRINGS??!! Ask for these at most music stores these days & watch the salesperson’s eyes glaze over, but we understand why some players simply have to have them.  We keep a good selection of flatwound strings for guitar, mandolin, & bass guitar, including black nylon wrap strings. Brands include D’Addario, Curt Mangan, Thomastik & LaBella.   More Info

Try our custom made strings; Marfa Lights (.012-.054), Olmos lights (.012-.056), & Texas Mediums (.013-.057). Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings made for us  by Curt Mangan. We feel like these are some of the finest acoustic strings available at any price.

We always keep our eye out for great music for guitars, mandolins, ukes, and harmonicas, both for beginners and for advanced players. See our Books Page for more.

At Guitar Tex our aim is to match up each player with the right instrument for his or her style, budget, and taste.  We take the time to find out what fits each player, and if don’t have it, we will do what we can do to find it or refer you to the proper source.

If you’re in South Texas, we invite you to visit us in North Central San Antonio. Here is a map, or call/email us for directions.  We can schedule after hours and Sunday consultations by appointment.

Come on in. We look forward to visiting.