Lindy Fralin Pickups

I first heard about Lindy Fralin Pickups when I met Lindy at The Great Northwoods Guitar Summit in 1995 in Big Rapids, Michigan where he and fellow pickup guru Seymour Duncan were both making presentations. They both were inspiring, but when I opened up Guitar Tex 18 years ago I felt that Fralin Pickups was a better fit and they weren’t sold by every guitar shop like Duncans. In fact we’re one of only two dealers in all of Texas. In countless guitar pickup comparisons Lindy Fralin pickups always are at the top of the list. Try a set in your guitar. You will hear the difference and it will make you smile.

All these years later it’s still pretty cool to call them up and, as often as not, be talking with Lindy himself.  Unlike Seymour Duncan, Fralin runs a small shop where everything is hand made and made to order.  We strive to keep at least one set of all the major types of pickups offered. Give us a call, because chances are we’ve got the Strat, Tele, or humbucker set you’ve been looking for.

But we all know that San Antonio is a hard rock and heavy metal city and those guitarists aren’t looking for vintage tones. For those scroll down to see the incredible Railhammer pickups by Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars fame.


Right now we have a very good selection of Fralin pickups. Call us for details. If there’s something we don’t have in stock it usually takes about two weeks to get them made.

Hum cancelling P 90 set


Mini Humbucker for floating jazz pickup
The Best ever 

Railhammer Chisel Humbucker. $99.00             




Railhammer Nuevo 90 Humcutter P90
$99.00 ea.