The capo has been around for a long time in different forms, starting in the vicinity of the 1700s. The 300+ years has yielded refinement, ease of use, and interesting options for current capos, and Guitar Tex has a wide range on hand, including the broad selection of Shubb Capos that you see pictured here.

Why would you want a capo? Well, it makes it amazingly straight-forward to shift your instrument to a higher key, and that can help when playing with a vocalist who needs you hitting a higher register. They can also be a source of creative fun and prompt some new direction in your playing.

Whatever the case, you want something that intonates your instrument accurately, so when selecting a capo you need to keep in mind the instrument on which it will be used. For guitars, consider neck radius, neck width, and six- vs. 12-string applications. There also are cut capos that enable guitarists to more easily shift between standard and open tuning.

Banjo players aren’t left out of the capo fun, either. In fact, they can get two: One dedicated to the 5th string and another for use on the other four strings.

In addition to Shubb, we carry capos made by G7th, Kyser, D’Addario, and more. If it happens that you’re suggesting that Santa drop one in your stocking this Christmas, let Santa know what type you want and we’ll help the elves find what’s just right for your playing.

G7th Capos