KoAloha concert ukulele made in Hawaii of solid Hawaiian koa.
KoAloha ukuleles are some of the very finest ukuleles made.

Solid Body Fluke tenor ukulele. Made in the USA of solid walnut with pickup.

Martin Style 1 koa soprano Konter ukulele.

KoAloha thinline tenor. Made in Hawaii of solid Hawaiian koa with pickup.

My first instrument was a ukulele, which was as common as dirt since Arthur Godfrey was all over the TV and plastic Maccaferri made ukuleles were sold by the millions for $2.00 in the early 1950s. Fast forward to 1971 in NYC and I took guitar lessons from the vaudevillian fret master Roy Smeck who had a special passion for ukulele and was one of the greatest uke players ever. So I’ve appreciated the ukulele for a long time and not just since they became popular in the last decade or so.

At Guitar Tex we sell a lot of ukuleles. So many that it’s a challenge to keep this page updated, but we try. Bear in mind that we are always getting new stuff in, so call or stop by and see what’s the latest.



New Opio ukuleles from KoAloha have arrived and they are quite impressive. Staring at $399.00

Ohana soprano and concert ukuleles.

Ohana soprano and concert ukuleles.