Larrivee was the first line of guitars we took on when we opened back in 1999. They were great guitars back then and we feel that they have continued to build even better guitars through the years. Jean Larrivee has been making world class guitars for over 50 years. In the early years they became noted for their elaborate and ornate inlay work done by Jean’s wife Wendy. You can still get a fancy inlaid Larrivee, but the 2 & 3 series is their entry level which offers features like a bound ebony fingerboard and bridge; all solid wood construction; maple wood body binding, dovetail neck joint. Since they moved their manufacturing from British Columbia to Southern California they have evolved and developed guitars that have a broad appeal to players of all styles. The 40, 44, 50, and 60  Series guitars are voiced to produce a classic “American” sound. Lately Larrivee has once again began making some outstanding electric guitars.

Today there are many highly regarded Canadian luthiers who apprenticed under Jean Larrivee and his influence is reflected in their work.

Larrivée LV-03R Acoustic Guitar. $2,095.00


We just ordered 10 new Larrivee guitars on 3/10/2021, including a Baker T Pro electric. They should start arriving soon. Stay tuned.

Larrive OM-40 – Moon Spruce Top with Walnut Back and Sides and JCL logo headstock inlay. $1,950.00

Larrive OM-40 – Moon Spruce Top with Walnut Back and Sides