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John Thurston has built a reputation as being the most skilled repairman is South Texas. At Guitar Tex we usually have about 60 guitars and fretted instruments at at given time in for repair. Some very simple; some complete restoration jobs.

John is usually in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons and sometimes on Saturdays. If you should need to consult with him directly please call for an appointment.

There will always be someone on hand to discuss your needs. Myself (owner Mark Waldrop), I attended Bryan Galloup’s guitar building and repair school in 1994 and I’m knowledgeable and conversant on all aspects of guitar repair. Gus Wanner and John Michael Ramirez have many years experience with guitars and stringed instruments. Rest assured your instruments will be well cared for at Guitar Tex.

Guitar Appraisals
If you need an appraisal, bring your instrument in. We provide written appraisals for $35. If you want advice on what you should ask for your guitar that you are selling, you may use our referral books free of charge. Please don’t call to ask what your guitar is worth.

The acoustic market is hugely diverse, covering many tastes and styles, but the standards for the a fine instrument are the same regardless of what style of music you play. We offer a great selection at great prices.

Come on in. We look forward to visiting.


A lot has changed since I first began installing acoustic pickups & I’ve tried just about every pickup for acoustic guitar available. Recently, with innovations from L.R.Baggs like their Anthem, Lyric, and M-80 pickups, K&K’s Pure Mini,  & Fishman’s Aura system we’ve moved much closer to the warm, organic plugged in sound we’ve all been seeking for so long.  They one is minimally invasive & can provide excellent stage sound, giving the player on-board control without the ugly hole in the side of your guitar.

The K&K pickups can be a good choice for solo players wanting to maintain as natural tone as possible, especially so for classical players but we’ve had great results on dreadnoughts, too. 

We do lots of pickup installations & we’ll be glad to advise you on your choice. However, the choice is yours & we encourage you to do your homework & make your own decision. One particuarly positive aspect of all the choices I’ve mentioned is that they’re all reversible if you should choose something else or just to go back to pure acoustic.

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