Weber Mandolins


Play as many different mandolins as you can and have an open mind when you’re shopping. You might find that you don’t need to spend the extra $$ for an F style.  Or you might decide just the opposite that you gotta have nothing less than a nice F style.

WE HAVE THE BEST SELECTION OF MANDOLINS IN SAN ANTONIO. If what you want is something that resembles a mandolin and makes some mandolin like noises, the big stores and the other music stores may have just what you need. But if you want a good mandolin that’s properly set-up, plays and sounds great, GUITAR TEX is the place to go. Gus and myself actually play a bit of mandolin and understand what makes for a great instrument that’s well suited to the player. Whether it’s a good used mandolin, or a new LOAR or WEBER mandolin, we can help get started on or continue your journey into the world of mandolin.                                                                                                                           

We love trades! If you have some gear you don’t use, put it towards the purchase of a new instrument. Whether it’s some used effects pedals or maybe you want to trade that Gibson or Collings mandolin in on a nice Weber, we’re happy to work with you.                   


Weber recently joined forces with Two Old Hippies, Bedell Guitars, and Breedlove Guitars and mandolins and are now made in Bend, Oregon. As a result we are now stocking the Breedlove mandolins, offering excellent quality and value in a North American made instrument. We look for to great things coming out of Bend, Oregon as a result of this merger.Breedlove Mandolins Mar 2013 002

If you’re looking to step up to a fine American made mandolin, WEBER should surely be considered. Personally, I feel that WEBER has set a benchmark for mandolin making that the big name from Nashville doesn’t begin to equal. Everyone has their favorites, but you should judge for yourself. The best instrument is the one you play and fall in love with. Often that’s one that you weren’t even looking for. That BRIDGER model that we have in stock, for example, is considered ideal for Celtic style music. While I wouldn’t contest that assessment, I think you might be surprised at how well it does bluegrass and old-time music. There are some wonderful luthiers today making awesome mandolins and the bar is higher than ever, just as it is with guitars. There are reasons why the successful builders are successful and each builder makes instruments with a unique voice and character.  There is a wealth of good (mostly) information on the internet about mandolins but there are also opinions all over the map about every mandolin maker out there. Some folks think that anything less than a 5 figure $$ Gilchrist or Dudenbostel is not worthy of of consideration. There is no substitute for putting an instrument in your hands, feeling it, playing it, hearing it. Today WEBER makes archtop guitars and resonator guitars that are at once traditional and distinctive, but their focus has always been on making the finest mandolins that can be made. The build quality of WEBER has always been exceptional, but I believe WEBER has continued to refine their mandolin making and improve the instruments to the point that they will stand with the finest and costliest mandolins in the world. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play some WEBER mandolins we invite you to stop in and play them in person.
















Gallatin A style with faded leather finish and upgraded red spruce top.  The red spruce has wider grain pattern than sitka and takes a bit longer to “open Up”, but sounds excellent fresh from the maker. As it ages the results are more dramatic than with sitka, but for those used to the tight straight pattern from sitka spruce red spruce looks a bit different. Weber charges $200.00 for this upgrade.                                                                                      List: $1,849.00                                                SALE: $1,650.00


Weber Hyalite  from our friends in Montana.  New and for sale, call us for details or better yet just drop on by and give her a play!  List is $1599.00 but of course we’ll do better!








 These are by far the best quality for the money. The Stage 3 bag is more like a hard case than a bag & the Stage 3 case is a rectangular design. Either one will fit F or A style mandolins, as well as left handed models.                                                

THOMASTIK flatwound mandolin strings are in stock & they are wonderful. Probably not the 1st choice for bluegrassers, but for jazz, classical & most other styles there’s nothing else like them. $40.00 per set                                                

LAKOTA LEATHERS MANDOLIN STRAPS ARE BACK! We were out of stock for awhile, but we have them in both the woven & the plain styles made from buffalo skin. These are soft, supple, extremely comfortable, durable & attractive.

ALONZO’S FINE JEWELRY & LEATHER is now making mandolin straps. Our friend, Alonzo Hererra has made us some mandolin straps at my request & they’re really nice. A simple leather strap that was meant to last a lifetime hand made in Gresham, Oregon.

HAND MADE PICKS! I’m loving the new casein picks we got in from Papa’ Picks, as well as the new ones from John Pearse. Casein is a milk by product that makes for a beautiful looking, feeling & playing pick, coming remarkably close in all respects to genuine tortoise shell, imparting a warm rich tone. A nicely beveled edge allows the player to play faster, cleaner, & sound better. ROMA PICKS are a new line of hand made picks that we carry that should find favor among the mandolin players with their dense feel, clear tone and comfortable grip.




We’ve got some excellent choices for mandolin amplification:                                             


K&K Mandolin Twin internal pickup. In my opinion, the best pickup for mandolin on the market. $119.00