We have by far the best selction of guitar & fretted instrument straps in San Antonio. We have quality fabric & leather straps from the most simple & generic styles to some of the coolest hand made straps in the world. You own a wonderful guitar. Doesn’t it deserve a great strap? Don’t YOU deserve a great strap?




 Hand made leather straps by Alonzo Hererra of Gresham, Oregon of Alonzo’s Fine Jewelry & Leathers (don’t bother looking for a website, this is a true cottage industry). These are simple straps made of premium quality, flawlessly tanned leathers & made to last for decades. Alonzo hasn’t strived to reinvent the guitar strap, but he has refined them & made them as durable & comfortable as possible. Come in & check them & compare to other straps. You’ll see right away that Alonzo’s straps are straps made with care to wear with pride.




LAVA CABLES PARA-STRAP VII is a wonderful strap designed by a paratrooper of military grade parachute materials with plenty of padding where it is needed, velcro cable retainer & wireless holder (so you don’t have to have it on your belt), & it is incredibly strong. Adjustable to 55″, the PARA-STRAP VII is ideal for bassists or players with heavy guitars, as well as performers who are active & simply need a really stable strap. 100% made in America by Americans using American made materials.



We’ve carried the Levy’s straps from Canada since we opened 11 years ago & have always been pleased with the quality & designs.

Lately we’ve been seeking out the smaller, cottage industry strap makers who do some stuff that the big guys just don’t do. Gorgeous fabrics in a wealth of different designs & hues. Many one-of-a-kind designs for a personal statement or an ideal gift that will last a lifetime.

Kiwaya Ukulele straps are the best uke straps I’ve seen. We’ve tried them all, only to be disappointed in the end. Kiwaya’s simple utilitarian design is perfect &attractive. $16.00 

Jaykco Straps from Kansas City

Souldier Straps from Chicago. We just got in about 40 new straps from Souldier and, as always, they are awesome. Just like with a hand made guitar, there’s something unique and special about a hand made strap. The folks at Souldier have such a wonderful sense of design and an uncanny ability to find new and N.O.S. materials for the coolest straps you will ever wear. Hendrix and Wilco straps are available while they last.

We’d like to suggest to some enterprising young Texan to follow their lead, recycling old stock, vintage & unique materials from local sources & making straps locally. We’ll be your first customer!


Check out our new straps from NEO TECH for extremely comfortable, neoprene padded straps made in the USA in Belgrade, Montana. The MEGA BASS strap is ideal for that heavy 5-string bass, or the banjo strap for even heavier banjos, the JAMMIN’ guitar straps with speed locks for quick release. We even have some groovy new straps for accordion and bouzouki.


LAKOTA LEATHERS Guitar & Mandolin Straps hand made on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from locally harvested & tanned bison & elk. Beautifully made, extra comfortable & made by Native Americans who really need the work. These straps have a look & feel that is traditional, appealing, & at the same time unique. The soft, supple leathers have a somewhat more rustic & hand made look than factory made straps & they feel like a well worn strap even when they’re brand new. When music legends like the Del McCoury Band endorse & actually use LAKOTA LEATHER straps not much more needs to be said.