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A Reverend dealer since 2004, Guitar Tex is one of only two Reverend dealers in Texas. Consequently, we get folks from all over the state dropping in to try them out.

Reverend guitars are built in the Mirr factory, known for making boutique quality instruments in South Korea. From there the assembly and set up is done by a small team of pros in Toledo, Ohio. Reverend guitars and basses are designed by founder Joe Naylor. Reverend guitars and basses are uniquely original while remaining true to the traditional American ethos with forward thinking and cool looking instruments.

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Sixgun HPP

Reverend Roundhouse II

The pickup combination works especially well and takes the common HSS in a whole different direction. Korina body, roasted maple neck, and one of the coolest colors ever. As always with Reverend, the quality and the set up are flawless.


Reverend Roundhouse II
Reverend puts it’s Greasy T pickup at the bridge and a Retro Blast pickup at the neck. A solid Korina body, the guitar includes TOM with Stop Tail Bridge, roasted Maple neck with 25.5 inch scale, and a roasted Maple fingerboard with 12″ radius and 22 frets.


Reverend Descent W

Reverend Roundhouse II

The Reverend Descent W is a baritone with a 26 3/4 scale and a custom SIT 12-68 string set. Features a pair of Railhammer Humcutter pickups with Wilkinson tremolo.

Reverend Double Agent W

Reverend Roundhouse II

The Reverend Double Agent W gives you a bridge humbucker and a P-90 at the neck with a Wilkinson tremolo. Roasted maple neck and 25.5 inch scale. This one is finished in a deep green.

Reverend Double Agent OG (SOLD)

Reverend Roundhouse II

The Reverend Double Agent OG features a humbucker in the bridge position and a P-90 at the neck and TOM/Stop Tail Bridge. Roasted maple neck and 25.5 inch scale.

Reverend Airwave 12-String (Sold)

Reverend Roundhouse II

Reverend says the Airwave 12-String brings “larger than life tone and style, not larger than life problems,” and that rings true in our experience. The bridge is fully and independently intonable for all 12 strings. The 24 3/4 inch scale length reduces string tension which offers both greater ease of play and less stress on the neck. With 9A5 Bridge and Neck pickups, korina semi-hollow body, solid spruce top, and the Mulberry Mist finish, this is a stunning instrument.

Reverend Roundhouse (Sold)

Reverend Roundhouse II

The Reverend Roundhouse is a classic single cutaway reimagined for today’s player. Carved top and set neck, it’s lightweight and balanced but offers expressive tone.

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