Guitar Picks

IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS. No other guitar shop in Texas pays as much attention to and offers the variety of picks that you can find at GUITAR TEX. The reason is simple: Picks make  a very big difference in tone, feel, speed and agility. No one size or shape is ideal for all players, which is why we have so many to choose from. We carry a great variety of picks for all styles of playing. Our selection of finger picks & thumb picks far exceed those of most other stores. Picks make a big difference. Such a little thing can radically change your playing technique for the better. We are the only store in San Antonio to carry hand made picks & we have had countless converts. Players fuss over their tone & technique, sometimes ignoring the smallest detail that can make a huge difference in tone, comfort & speed. Some players are perfectly content with a basic medium gauge celluloid or tortex pick, but others have found that a well made pick, with a good bevel and comfortable shape can have a marked positive effect on playing skills and tone.      

V-Picks hand made acrylic picks. Too many to show here, but we have a good selection.


Fred Kelly Thumb Picks (Chet Atkins/Tommy Emmanuel stylists love these) 

  in  Polycarbonate and delrin, these Freedom Picks have some of the most natural response and feel of any finger pick!  We are the only source in South Texas for these, so come in and give them a try!           

Pro Pick Finger Picks. Hand made metal finger picks

Golden Gate Mandolin picks & Thumb picks



Dunlop Ultex, Gator Grip, & Jazz Tone picks


Even our string selection includes products not easily found like FLATWOUND strings for jazz guitar, BLACK NYLON Bass strings, vihuela strings, ukulele strings & much more.

Bottleneck slides hand made by DELTA SLIDERS & by MR. Bs.