SUZUKI HARMONICAS                                       

We now have hard to find flatted keys from SUZUKI. Suzuki “Harpmaster ” and “Bluesmaster” models sell for $35.00. If you’ve been using the well known makes of harmonicas, we invite you to try something different. Players from all over South & Central Texas come to us at Guitar Tex because we’ve got the good stuff you won’t find at other stores. Treat yourself to a SUZUKI “Manji” or “Promaster” model & be assured of a superlative playing experience. We’re building up our inventory & broadening our selection each time we place an order.SUZUKI  has some unique & specialty harps that we may not have in stock , but we will be happy to order the harmonica you want. We have most keys in stock including flatted keys.

HARPMASTER AND BLUESMASTER Harmonicas. List Price: $54.95                                                                                                                             Our Price: $39.00




Suzuki SUB30 Ultrabend. 10 hole harmonica that allows you to easily bend on every note! A trick that no other harmonica maker has achieved. At $179.00, the SUB 30 Ultrabend is the most expensive production model diatonic harp in their lineup, but it will do things no other diatonic will do.

Suzuki SUB30 Ultrabend. 10 hole harmonica that allows you to easily bend on every note! A trick that no other harmonica maker has achieved. At $179.00, the SUB 30 Ultrabend is the most expensive production model diatonic harp in their lineup, but it will do things no other diatonic will do.



 Mickey Raphael uses Suzuki. Maybe that doesn’t mean that you should try one, but maybe it does.                                                                                                         

We’ve been fortunate to find some old vintage tweed cases that are awesome for harp players and guitarists, too. Similar to what you’ve seen Gillian Welch using on stage for picks, capos, slides, etc. Very cool.                                                                                                      

We have stocked up on premium harmonicas from SUZUKI including the MANJI, PROMASTER, & HAMMOND models so that we can keep the prices low until we sell out. We have the best prices & the best selection of premium diatonic harmonicas in South Texas, so now is the time to fill up the holes in your harp collection. We also still have a good selection of HARPMASTER & BLUESMASTER models from Suzuki.

NEW HARMONICAS FROM SUZUKI  including, chromatic harps, and their “Olive” model premium diatonic harmonicas. The “Olive” is also available in High G and Low F keys.

HARMONICAS MAKE GREAT GIFTS. The most portable of all instruments is also among the most affordable. We have diatonic (10 hole) harmonicas starting at $8.00. A very high quality diatonic will be about $35.00. For the more serious player who already has harmonicas in his/her arsenal, consider some the specialty diatonics like the Suzuki Manji or the Seydel 1847 Silver. The Pipe Humming model for cool tremolo effects or Suzuki Hammond diatonic for an awesome organ-like tone, especially when mic’d. A nice quality harmonica is a unique gift that will surely be appreciated for years to come. A premium quality diatonic harmonica at $45.00-$90.00 is a small investment that will provide years of pleasure & is sure to be something he won’t likely buy for himself.

*HINT: Find out what key harmonica might be needed amongst your player’s arsenal. There may be one that has worn out reeds or just a need for a particular key he/she doesn’t have & will likely use. If all else fails, start with a “C” harp.

GUITAR TEX is the best place to go in San Antonio if you’re into quality acoustic guitars & we’re also the best place to go if you’re into quality harmonicas. No, you won’t find the ubiquitous Hohner or Lee Oskar harmonicas, but you will find SUZUKI harmonicas that you will not find anywhere else nearby. If you’ve never tried one maybe it’s time that you did so. You might be surprised at how much better you like it than what you’ve been using. We get that a lot.

We’re introducing a whole lot of happy harpists to the joys of SUZUKI harmonicas, but we won’t be satisfied until every harpist in South & Central Texas has at least one of these in their arsenal of harmonicas.




Suzuki Easyrider Harmonicas are the best starter diatonic we’ve seen.  In the keys of G or C. $8.00 each




 The quality exceeds that of the major better known brand & they have an extensive product line with all types of harmonicas at every budget level. We are confident that once you try the wonderful harmonicas from Suzuki you will know that you’re playing a superior product.

Our prices on all Suzuki harmonicas are already well below suggested retail prices. All Suzuki harmonicas are now an additional 10% below the marked price.


 I’m thrilled that we have introduced so many happy players to the pleasures of Suzuki harmonicas. We’d like to invite you to try some of the specialty harmonicas like the rosewood Firebreath for a rich,thick & warm tone. Or the ProMaster models for a luxurious feeling harmonica that’s a joy to play. Local hero Doug Fesler says it’s the best harmonica he’s played. The Tremolo models produce a sweet old time sound & the Chromatix will take you from Bach to Be-bop.

Suzuki Harmonicas.

We are proud to be the area’s exclusive dealer for the finest harmonicas in the world. Suzuki’s 1st instruments over 70 years ago were harmonicas & to this day remain the favorite of the founder Manji, now in his mid 80s & still very involved.

The Manji model is an ingeniously designed & wonderfully executed diatonic. Check ’em out.

The Suzuki line is quite extensive offering budget diatonics like the Easy Rider models; professional diatonics like the Harpmaster & Bluesmaster; specialty diatonics such as The Hammond & The Valvemaster models; tremolo models; chromatics, etc.

So extensive, in fact, that we can’t carry every model they offer. But we do carry all the most popular diatonics in most keys as well as some chromatics & specialty harmonicas. And we undoubtedly have the broadest selction of harmonicas in greater San Antonio.

Every player who tries a Suzuki comes back to buy others. We’ve had many players comment that they are the best harmonicas they have played.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional you’ll enjoy playing the best with Suzuki.   

Promaster Harps are truly professional quality harmonicas that will please the most discriminating players. Comfortable to play, graceful in the hands, & beautiful to behold. Every player we’ve sold them to has come back to buy other keys.