LR Baggs Synapse Personal PA.
550 watts. 180 degree sound dispersion.

Guitar Tex is pleased to be Texas’ newest dealer for Quilter guitar, bass, and steel guitar amps. Founded in 2011 the acceptance for these amps among gigging musicians has been phenomenal. Very light weight yet powerful. The complex class D type of amp is new to guitarists, but easy to impress the player once he or she plugs in. MADE IN THE USA.

Mach 2 Pro combo 8.
19 lbs. and 200 watts of USA made dynamite. $899.00

Quilter Aviator 12 HD. 200 watts with super light weight high performance 12″ speaker.

Quilter Aviator 8. 200 watts, 19 lbs.

Quilter Steelaire combo with a 15″ speaker patterned after the classic JBL D130. Delivers 200 watts of full spectrum tone for steel guitarists or guitar players who just love the tone from a 15″ speaker. Weighs only 35 lbs, the Steelaire combo has become the amp of choice for steel players wanting to lighten their load without compromising tone.

Frontliner 2X8″ speaker cabinet. At only 25 lbs. the Frontliner will outperfom most 4X12″ cabinets that require 2 people to carry.

A few years back I read a review of the Devilcat Amps and I liked what I read. When I looked into them further I liked them even more. Completely hand made in Statesboro, Georgia Devilcat Amps are designed for the working musician. Premium build quality comparable to far more expensive “boutique” amps that you wouldn’t want to take to your weekly gig at the local pub.  Despite the brand name we’ve sold a few of these to church musicians who report back their pleasure.  Owner Chris Mitchell is a gigging musician who knows what the working guitarist needs and  hes’s built it all into these superb Class A American made amps.  

Mr. Terry 30 watt 1X12″ combo.

30 watt head $1095.00

Quilter Overdrive 200 head.




























Centaur Acoustic PA. THREE CHANNELS, 125 watts. Made in the USA. $649.00